XP Firewall Log Reader


A simple Windows Forms application (written in C#) to display the contents of the Windows XP firewall log.


Windows XP (Home & Professional) ship with a built in firewall which is enabled by default on dialup connections. By default Windows does not provide a friendly way for one to view the contents of the log (c:\windows\pfirewall.log). XP Firewall Log Reader solves this by providing all of the log entries in a table so that they can be sorted/grouped by any column.



Name Filename Version Size Date
Firewall Log Viewer (Application) firewalllog.zip 1.1 48 KiB 4/11/2004
Firewall Log Viewer (Source Code) firewalllog_src.zip 1.1 59 KiB 4/11/2004

Please note: Because this application is written in C# it requires that the .NET framework be installed on your machine. You can find this on Windows Update if you don't already have it installed.

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