SD Transfer Tool


The SD transfer tool allows you to transfer MP3 files to Secure Digital cards so that they can be played in a Panasonic MP3 player (others may work too...) It does not break any encryption or do anything illegal, it simply provides a wrapper around the supplied drivers from Panasonic in such a way that launching Real Player is not required.


In 2002 I got one of the latest MP3 players on the market - a Panasonic SV-SD80 - a pretty cool and small device. The device takes SD (Secure Digital) memory cards, which are one of about five competing technologies for removable flash storage.

Once I got it home, I wanted to put some MP3's on it straight away, but to my horror, I discovered that the only software that supported tranferring music was Real Player. Now, I will save my rant for another day, but suffice to say, I really didn't want to install/have Real Player on my computer!

So the SD transfer tool was born...

Real Player does not support writing to these memory cards natively, so a plugin library is supplied by Panasonic to do all of the encryption/obfuscating/unique media number stuff (or whatever it does to get the songs on to the card!). The SD transfer tool simply makes the same calls into the plugin library that Real Player would have.



Warning: the following pre-release code is not finished - use at your own risk!

Name Filename Version Size Date
Pre-release version 0.2 26 KiB 19/11/2004

Note: If you are looking for the Real Player software / plugin that came with the SV-SD80, then it is available from the Panasonic Website