Miscellaneous Tools & Utilities

Merge INI

A utility similar to the one supplied by MS to merge two INI files. Useful for installing new settings.

Download: mergeini.zip (19 KiB)

Source Code: mergeini_src.zip (4 KiB)

XP Manifest

Utility to insert a common controls version 6 manifest into an executable file. This can be used when your IDE does not support this as part of the build process for your software, or for inserting a manifest into someone elses existing program to enable it to use the new Windows XP visual themes.

Download: xpmanifest.zip (17 KiB)

Source Code: xpmanifest_src.zip (4 KiB)

Cisco Password Decrypter

Cisco routers can be set to store passwords in a weak, reversible, obfuscated form. This can be seen in a Cisco config file by setting the encryption mode to '7'. i.e. password 7 050A0B03420C
This simple price of JavaScript enables you to decode these passwords.

Outlook to SquirrelMail addressbook converter

A small utility to export contact information from MS Outlook 2003 into SquirrelMail WebMail .abook format. To install the address book copy into the prefs directory on the SquirrelMail server - possibly /var/lib/squirrelmail/prefs/ - as user@domain.abook

Download: exportcontacts.zip (9 KiB)

Disk Sector Dumper

Small utility to dump sectors from a physical drive on Windows XP. Includes source and pre-built binary. Useful for dumping the first few sectors off your Fusion PVR harddrive for diagnosis

Download: diskdump.zip (14 KiB)

Source Code: diskdump_src.zip (7 KiB)