Winamp Multimedia Keyboard Plugin


This is a generic plugin for Winamp v2/v5 that makes the multimedia keys on your keyboard control Winamp (Play/Pause/Stop/Next Track/Prev Track)


I recently brought a wireless keyboard from, and when it arrived it had eight keys at the top left that my old keyboard did not have - Play, Stop, Prev, Next, Vol Up, Vol Down, Mute, and CD Player. When I opened up Windows Media Player, these keys controllled the playback just fine, however when I opened up my copy of Winamp they did not... I was determined not to install the software that came with my keyboard as it looked pretty bad - it was going to install a global keyboard hook - not the type of thing I wanted hogging my system resources (and serialising keypresses through a single process - why were preemptive multitasking operating systems invented in the first place!)

So I wrote this plugin which operates as a generic plugin for Winamp. It installs a low level keyboard hook filter so that the keys will control Winamp even when the window does not have the focus. The code is very light (the dll is 11kb when installed - and that is uncompressed!), written in C++, and does just the bare essentials. Simply run the installer, which copies the dll into your Winamp plugin directory - that is all there is to it.


There are two downloads available - the full installer version, and the dll only version - both are reasonably small

Name Filename Version Size Date
Full installer 1.1 26 KiB 6/4/2005
DLL only 1.1 5 KiB 6/4/2005
Source Code 1.1 22 KiB 6/4/2005

Revision History

Version 1.1 - April 6 2005 - Added configuration page to allow user to configure which keypresses are intercepted

Version 1.0 - August 2003 - Initial Revision